Alphabet Coloring Pages

Letter recognition is the first step to learning the letters of the alphabet and alphabet coloring pages are wonderful letter activity for that.

Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages

With this set of alphabet coloring pages your kids will color objects and animals, as well as the letter the said objects begin with. This will reinforce letter recognition.

Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids

Scroll through the previews to see each of the pages and grab the full set of printable alphabet coloring pages at the end of this post.

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Letter A

Apple Letter A

A is for apple. Grab a yellow, red or green crayon and make the apple look tasty.

Letter B

Bee Letter B

B is for bee. Like a busy bee your kids will be learning how to recognise the letter b.

Letter C

C is for Car

C is for car. For the letter C you kids will be coloring a fun little car.

Letter D

D is for Drum

D is for drum. D is for drum, and this is what your little learners will be coloring in with this coloring sheet.

Letter E

E is for Elephant

E is for elephant. What is the largest animal that starts with an E? You are correct it’s an elephant.

Letter F

F is for Fish

F is for fish. Dive deep into your box of crayons and pick out a fun color to color this fish.

Letter G

G is for Grapes

G is for grapes. A delicious fruit – will you color it yellow, green, purple or with another color?

Letter H

H is for Hedgehog

H is for hedgehog. Small forest dweller full of spines, yet incredibly adorable – it’s the hedgehog. Perfect animal to practice the H sound with.

Next is I

Who lives in an igloo? Not only is this image great for the I sound, it can lead to wonderful conversations about what igloos are.

J is for Jug

J is for Jug

A jug of juice. A double J sound!

K is for Kite

K is for Kite

Use many colors to color this one and imagine it flying high in the air.

L is for Leaf

L is for Leaf

When coloring the leaf, which season of the year will you pick? Spring and summer for a green leaf or fall for a yellow or brown one?

M is for Monkey

M is for Monkey

Silly little monkey is perfect for learning about M.

N is for Net

N is for Net

N is for net.

O is for Owl

O is for Owl

A bird that is often associated with academic success. Perfect for O.

P is for Pig

P is for Pig

And P is for pink, a color that will most likely be picked for this pig.

Q is for Quill

Q is for Quill

We’ve got cool pens now, but when it comes to fancy, quills certainly fit the description.

R is for Rainbow

R is for Rainbow

Make sure you color it with all the colors of the rainbow.

S is for Sun

S is for sun

Shinnying super brightly.

T is for Turtle

T is for Turtle

A wonderful sea creature, perfect for learning about letter T.

Letter U

U is for umbrella

A must have on a rainy day.

Letter V

V is for Volcano

Volcano will help your kids with V.

Letter W

W is for Whale

Whale is a wonderful sea dweller that will help with W.

Letter X

X is for X-ray

X is for X-ray.

Letter Y

Y is for Yo Yo

For letter Y we have a fun toy Yo-Yo.

Letter Z

Z is for Zebra

Not much to color in here, but a great one for learning about Z.

Letter Coloring Pages

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