Quiet Book Printable Fall Binder for Preschool and Kindergarten

This interactive printable fall binder for preschool and kindergarten focuses on many of the basic skills and concepts.

Easy to solve learning activities make this fall busy book great for morning work, early finishers and kids who need a little bit of extra practice.

Fall Busy Binder - Activity Book for Preschool and Kindergarten

Printable Fall Quiet Book

There are 18 activities in this interactive fall busy binder, a variety of basic skills preschoolers and kids in kindergarten are expected to master. I

Some of the activities require dry erase markers to be solved, while others ask the kids to sort the missing pieces.

Activities Included in This Printable Fall Quiet Book

Cover page: Write your name and emotions

Let the kids write their name and show how they are feeling today by attaching a proper head with emotion (6 to choose from) to the scarecrow.

I can match shapes: Pumpkins

Each pumpkin is missing a chunk, fill the chunk by placing the correct shape inside the pumpkin.

Dot to Dot Count to 10

Connect the dots and draw a leaf. Have the kids use dry erase markers to connect the dots from 1 to 10.

Dot to Dot: Alphabet

From a to t, connect the dots and a leaf will appear.

Color Matching Activity

Leaves change colors all year round, match the colored leaves with color names.

Picture Sequencing

Can your kids put the pictures into the correct sequence? What happened first? Then what happened next? What happened last?

Circle all pictures related to fall

Look at all the images and identify those that relate to fall. Circle them with a dry erase marker.

Alphabet Pumpkins

Build a pile of pumpkins by matching the letters of the alphabet or images with beginning sounds.

Number Sense Leaves

Fall leaves are falling down from the trees. Each girl can only rake the leaves that show the same number as the girl. Sort the leaves.

Size Sorting

Is it big or is it small? Compare two of the same images and sort them into correct columns.

I can trace shapes

Great fine motor practice as well as shape recognition practice.

More or Less?

More or less? or More of fewer? Whichever you prefer, the sheets are included.

Tracing Letters of the Alphabet

Work your way from A to Z by tracing the letters with a dry erase marker.


Look at the spring images and complete the patterns – practice ABABAB and AABBAA patterns.

Fill in the Missing Numbers 1 – 20

Dot Counting Puzzle

Ten Frames

Tracing Numbers, Counting and Reading

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