Quiet Book Printable Ocean Animals Binder for Preschool and Kindergarten

Quiet books are a wonderful tool for mastering basic skills and this ocean animals binder is packed full with all kinds of activities to keep your kids busy.

With 18 different activities, this quiet book template offers a lot for kids of different age groups – toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten (as well as an aid in special education with older kids).

To make this activity binder, we suggest you laminate all the pages and pieces (or use page protectors for pages). Attaching velcro dots is also recommended to keep pieces in place.

To store the pieces we usually use an envelope for each activity and stick it on the back of the activity page.

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Shape Matching Turtle

Match up all the shapes on the turtle’s shell to make it complete.

Counting Jellyfish Tentacles

Kids will practice counting from 1 to 5 with this counting activity. Count the number of tentacles and attach the jellyfish head with the matching number.

Shadow Matching Scene

Match the ocean animals to their shadows and complete the ocean scene.

Shape Matching

Match 8 basic shapes as you complete the sea creatures. This activity has 2 pages.

Color Sorting

6 basic colors and a lot of sea creatures to sort. Look at the color of the sea creature or object found under the sea and sort them in correct columns.

Color Words

Kids will be learning color words with this seashell matching activity. 2 pages included with 10 basic colors.

Emotions Starfish

Explore 2 pages of emotions matching activities.

Counting Fish

Switch up the sign with the number the diver holds (numbers from 1 to 10) and add a corresponding number of fish into the water.

Number 5 and 5 fish.

Alphabet / Letter Matching

With this activity your kids can practice letter recognition (have the kids match upper case letters to upper case letters or lower case letters to lover case letters) or have them match lower case letters to upper case letters (or the other way around).

Fish or Not Fish?

Look at the objects and sort them into correct columns.

Simple Addition

Addition up to 10 with seashells and pearls.

Number Order

Add the missing numbers to complete the number sequence from 1 to 20.

Shape Tracing

Trace the dashed lines with a dry erase marker.

Pre-writing Practice

Trace the lines with a dry erase marker.

Number Puzzles

Put the numbers from 1 to five in order to make the submarine.

Put the numbers from 1 to 10 in order to make the turtle.

Does it Belong in the Sea?

Circle the images.

Alphabet Tracing

Trace all of the letters of the alphabet.

Turtle Number Sense

Build the turtle shell with pieces that show the same number.

Number Tracing

Numbers from 1 to 10. Easy sentences to read, cute images to count as well as number tracing practice.

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