Quiet Book Printable Colors Busy Binder

Let your toddler or preschooler explore all the basic colors with our Quiet Book Printable Colors Busy Binder. Assemble this colors activity book and have your child match objects to their shadows while learning about colors and color words.

Quiet Book Printable Color Busy Binder Activity Book

This color sorting activity is a great hands on activity that aims to entertain and educate. All basic colors are included and these can be assembled into a colors activity book or used individually as color sorting mats.

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Colors Busy Book

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In order to make this printable quiet book we recommend that you print all of the activity pages on heavier print paper or cardstock. Insert the sheets with shadows into page protectors or laminate them. Cut out the images and laminate them.

Attach self adhesive velcro dots inside the shadows and inside the outlined boxes as well as on the back of each image and letter.

Red Color Activity Mat

For red your kid will be matching a bow, a crab, an apple, lips and a red crayon.

Orange Color Activity Mat

For orange there is a goldfish, a carrot, a ball, a pumpkin and an orange crayon.

Yellow Color Activity Mat

For yellow color, the activity mat includes a star, the sun, a bird, a banana and a yellow crayon.

Green Color Activity Mat

For green, we have a green crayon, a leaf, a clover, a turtle and a crocodile.

Blue Color Activity Mat

Color blue features a whale, a button, blueberries, a kite and a blue crayon.

Purple Color Activity Mat (Violet mat also included)

An eggplant, car, grapes, jug and a purple crayon are featured on this color sorting mat.

Pink Color Activity Mat

Pink pig, baloon, crayon, flower and a hat/cap are on the pink mat.

Brown Color Activity Mat

For brown we have a log, an acorn, a mushroom a brown bear and a brown crayon.

Gray Color Activity Mat (Grey also included)

A robot, a wrench, a lock, a mouse and a gray crayon are on the gray color mat.

Black Color Activity Mat

On the black mat, there is a cat, a bat, a spider, a raven and a black crayon.

White Color Activity Mat

White color activity mat is also included in this color matching quiet book. It includes a cloud, a hat, a tooth, a white crayon and a cup.

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