Printable Winter Binder for Preschool and Kindergarten

Work on basic skills and concepts with our interactive printable winter binder for preschool and kindergarten.

This printable activity book / quiet book is great for morning work, early finishers and kids who need extra practice with some of the skills.

Printable Winter Binder for Preschool and Kindergarten

Printable Winter Quiet Book

This interactive workbook includes a set of 18 activities, focusing on a range of basic skills preschoolers and kids in kindergarten should master. It’s a helpful aid in special education too.

All of the activities should be laminated or placed inside page protectors (smaller pieces laminated) as they are intended to be reused. Once assembled, you can have it in your classroom at all times for a quick no prep activity (great for skill assesment too).

Some of the activities require dry erase markers to be solved, while others ask the kids to sort the missing pieces (we recommend attaching velcro on the back of pieces and on the laminated sheet / sheet in a page protector).

Activities Included in This Printable Winter Quiet Book

Cover page: Write your name and emotions

On the cover page the kids will write their name as well as express how they are feeling today by attaching the snowman expression to the cover page (6 different emotions / moods to choose from).

I can match shapes: Snowflakes

This activity uses Velcro dots – attach Velcro dots inside the shape outlines and on the back of shapes. Let the kids match the shapes to their outlines (and practice shape names while they are at it) while building snowflakes.

Dot to Dot – count to 10

Connect the dots and make a snowman. Have the kids use dry erase markers to connect the dots from 1 to 10. When they connect all the dots a snowman will show.

Dot to Dot – Alphabet

How about the order of the letters of the alphabet? Connect the dots from A to Z and make a penguin. Use dry erase markers for this activity.

Winter Color Matching Activity

Practice both colors, and if ready, color words. Match the hats with this winter color matching activity. Use Velcro dots for kids to attach the hats.

Picture Sequencing

Can your kids put the pictures into the correct sequence? What happened first? Then what happened next? What happened last?

Circle all pictures related to winter

Circle all the pictures related to winter. What we love about this dry erase exercise is that there is no wrong answer as long as the kids can explain (with sense) why they circled the picture.

Beginning sounds or letter match activity

Build the snowmen by matching the letters and images beginning with said sound.

Winter Number Sense Activity – Numbers 1 to 8

Let your students practice number sense by matching the penguins showing the same number to their igloo home.

2 pages – one with numbers 1 to 4 and one with numbers 5 – 8.

Winter Number Sense Activity – Numbers 1 to 8

Sort the images in columns – big ones on the left and small ones on the right.

I can trace shapes

A fun shape tracing activity where kids trace the dashed line to make shapes and build snowmen at the same time.

More or Less (or More or Fewer)

Count the snowballs and compare. Circle the kid (with dry erase marker) that has less snowballs on the first sheet, more snowballs on the second, and if you prefer teaching more or fewer, the kids with fewer snowballs on the last page of this activity.

Winter Letter Tracing

Ready to start writing? Let’s start by tracing the letters of the alphabet.

Complete the Pattern

Complete the pattern – practice ABABAB and AABBAA patterns.

Fill in the Missing Numbers 1 – 20

Fill in the missing numbers, either by using a dry erase marker or sticking on the missing penguins with velcro dots.

Snowflake Counting

Count the snowflakes in windows and place them into correct boxes.

Snowflake Counting

Match ten frames to numbers.

Count, Trace and Read

Numbers from 1 to 10, each on separate page.

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