Farm Math Puzzles – Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Practice addition and subtraction to 10 with these unique farm themed math puzzles. These are perfect for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

This printable resource is a freebie.

Farm Math Puzzles - Addition and Subtraction to 10 worksheets for kids

FREE Farm Math Puzzles

This easy set of math worksheets is focused on addition and subtraction up to 10.

Students have to solve the crossword puzzle by solving the easy equations and writing down the answers into empty boxes.

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Addition and Subtraction Puzzle Worksheets

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Addition and Subtraction Puzzle Worksheets 1

The first number is given in the upper right corner (ie number 2).

Students look at the number next to that one (ie +2) and solve the equation (ie 2+2).

They write down the solution into the empty box (ie 4). Kids then look at the next number (ie +1) and add or subtract that number from the number they got from the previous equation (ie 4+1).

Students again write down the solution in the empty box (ie 5). They continue until the whole puzzle is solved.

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If these resources will be used in math centres we recommend you laminate them and use erase markers to solve them.

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Farm Math Puzzle Worksheets