Telling Time Worksheets – Revision to The Quarter Hour

If your students are ready to practice telling time these telling time worksheets are perfect for them to revise their knowledge.

Telling time worksheets a wonderful resource for telling time revision

Telling Time Worksheets (to quarter hour)

This set of worksheets includes 15 pages

  • 2 worksheets with the analog clock. Students have to read the minute and hour hand and write down the time onto the digital clock.
  • 2 worksheets with time shown on the analog clock, written with words and students need to write down the time with digits.
  • 2 worksheets where the time is shown on the digital clock and students need to draw the minute and hour hand on the analog clock.
  • 3 worksheets where kids have to draw a line between the analog and digital clock that show the same time.
  • 6 worksheets where students need to tell the time from the analog clock and write it down two ways.

Perfect resource for revision. Teachers can use this resource in math center or in classrooms. I do recommend you laminate them and use erasable markers. As a result this resource can be used again and again.

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Great resources to go along with these worksheets.

Teachers and educators who are just getting ready to teach telling time will appreciative these;

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Telling Time Worksheets to the Quarter Hour