Short Vowels Worksheets – Short Vowel Sounds

This set of short vowels worksheets is perfect both for learning short vowels, short vowels revision and for learning the difference between short and long vowels.

Shor vowels worksheets

Short Vowel Worksheets A, E, I, O and U

With 30 different worksheets your students will be able to practice short sounds and see the difference between long and short sounds.

What you get in this printable set;

  • 5 pages with fill in the blank exercises where students have to write in the missing short vowel sound.
  • 5 word search puzzles with short vowel words, one for each letter.
  • 5 worksheets with “color by number” type of exercises – “color by words”, short sounds only.
  • 5 worksheets “color by words” worksheets where students have to identify long and short sounds of the same letter to solve them.
  • 5 worksheets where students need to identify the words with the short vowels and color the images.
  • 5 worksheets where students compare two words and circle the one with short vowels.

You can get the whole set at Teachers Pay Teachers where you can also preview the whole set.

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Teachers can laminate the worksheets for continuous use with dry erase markers.

It is recommended that students read the words on the worksheets aloud, to hear the differences in the sounds (making these perfect for homework material).

Free Short Vowel Worksheets

Want to try out these worksheets? You can grab two of the worksheets from this resource pack for free.

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Did your students like this resource? Grab the whole set with 30 different short vowel worksheets.

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Short Vowels Worksheets - Vowel Sounds