I have Who Has Fractions Game

Fractions can be a tough subject for kids so we prepared this I Have Who Has Fractions game to make the whole learning process a bit more fun.

I Have, Who Has Fractions Game - Perfect game for learning fractions

Printable I have Who Has Fractions Game

This set includes one I Have, Who Has Games;

  • 33 game cards to print and cut
  • fractions up to tenths writen with numeric value and as colored parts of shapes
  • no duplicate representations of equal parts

Why kids will love this game

  • playing games is more fun than solving worksheets.
  • group activities are fun.
  • learning through play is always a win.

You can get these games at Teachers Pay Teachers.


How to Play I Have Who Has Games

Teachers shuffle and distribute the cards amongst students. Each student can have one or more cards, all game cards need to be distributed.

Teachers assign a player that goes first (or teachers start with their card). That student or the teacher reads the “Who Has” part (example “Who has 3/4”). Other students check the shape on on their cards and looks at the portion of the shape that is colored in. The student who has three quarters of the shape colored on their card says “I have three quarters”. They continue the game by reading the “Who Has” part on their card.

The game continues until the student who started the game reads their card or when the educator stops the game.

We suggest you laminate the game cards to make them more durable.

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