Weather Flash Cards

What’s the weather outside today? Do your students know their weather? These weather flash cards can be fun when it comes to exploring weather.

It’s true nothing beats learning through experience and observation of actual weather, but these cards can certainly come in handy on many occasions.

Free Weather Flash Cards for Kids

Printable Weather Flash Cards

These will come in handy with learning about the different weather states and phenomena.

They can be used as flash cards or, if you print out two sets, as a memory card game.

We strongly recommend you laminate the flash card, especially if you intend to use them in a classroom setting.

Printing on heavier paper is recommended too.

Weather Flash Cards

What is in this freebie printable set?

  • 16 flash cards (4 flash cards per letter sized sheet)
  • sunny, cloudy, snowy, rainbow, stormy, windy, rainy, foggy, sun, cloud, snow, tornado, lightning, wind, rain and fog

Print the flash cards. Cut the flash cards and run them through a laminator.

Page 1

On the first page there is sunny, cloudy, snowy and rainbow card.

Page 2

On the second page there is stormy, windy, rainy and foggy card.

Page 3

On the third page there is a sun, a cloud, a snow and a tornado card.

Page 4

On the forth page there is a lightning, wind, rain and fog card.

Optionally you can glue the flash cards to a sheet of colorful construction paper or scrap booking paper before you laminate them to get a nice colorful back side.

Grab this set of flash cards here —> Weather Flash Cards

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Free Printable Weather Flash Cards

Weather Flash Cards