I Have Who Has Alphabet Game

Practice the letters of the alphabet, phonics, beginning sounds and even reading with this I Have Who Has Alphabet game.

I Have Who Has Alphabet Game - Alphabet Cards

I Have Who Has Alphabet Game

What is included in this printable I Have Who Has Alphabet game set;

  • there are 26 game cards in the set
  • on each card there is a I have section with an image (object, fruit, animal…) and a Who has section with a letter
  • the game comes with an answer key so educators can easily keep up with the game progress

Why kids will love this game;

  • fun, fast paced game.
  • great group activity.
  • good replay value.

You can get these games at Teachers Pay Teachers.


How to Play I Have Who Has Alphabet Game

Distribute cards to students, each can receive one or more cards, all cards have to be distributed.

Teacher assign a player that goes first or keeps one card to themselves and they themselves start the game. That player reads the “Who Has” part (example “Who has a word starting with A”). Other students check the their cards and the student who has the image that starts with an A on their card says “I have apple”. They continue the game by reading the “Who Has” part on their card. The game continues until all the letters have been called or the educators stops the game (more than one round can be played and students can exchange cards once they are called).

We suggest you laminate the game cards to make them more durable, this way they can be used for years to come.

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