Alphabet Mazes to Solve

Let kids practice their ABC’s by solving these alphabet mazes. As far as alphabet worksheets go these certainly are on the fun side.

Alphabet Mazes to Solve - 25 Wonderful Alphabet Worksheets for Kids

Alphabet Mazes to Solve – Alphabet Worksheets

What comes in this freebie printable pack:

Page 1

Alphabet Mazes 1

Page 2

Alphabet Mazes 1

  • 25 different mazes to solve. Kids have to follow the alphabet (from A to Z) to find their way through the maze).
  • all mazes come both in black and white and full color.

Why kids will love these printables;

  • most kids enjoy solving puzzles and mazes.
  • puzzle oriented worksheets are more appealing than standard alphabet worksheets.

Educators can encourage students to read the letters aloud as they are finding their way through the maze.

We recommend laminating the mazes if they will be used in classroom settings.

Get the Whole Set here:

Alphabet Mazes Alphabet Worksheets for Kids (Digital Download)

Or you can get the whole set at Teachers Pay Teachers.


2 Free Alphabet Mazes

Grab two mazes for free!

Just need a couple? Grab a pair of mazes for free.

Grab two free alphabet worksheets here –> Alphabet Worksheetts 2 Free Mazes

Perfect to brush up on their alphabet.

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Alphabet Mazes

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