Free Sea Animals Cut and Glue Worksheets

Do your kids love underwater creatures? If so, these adorable sea animals printables will be a great fun for your young ones.

We present you a great fine-motor skill practice pack –  free sea animals cut and glue worksheets.

So let the cutting and gluing begin!

Sea Animals - Cut and Glue Worksheets

Free Sea Animals Cut and Glue Worksheets

Cut and glue worksheets are great for  fine motor skills practice and having a good time while doing it.

Your kids will get to work with cutting 5 different shapes – a square, an ellipse, a rectangular, a triangle and a circle.

Kids are asked to cut out the shapes at the bottom of the worksheet and find their pairs in the image above.

Now they need to glue them in the right position in the image above.

These free worksheets will surely help to improve your child’s fine motor skills.

On the first page, you will find a starfish and on the second one, there is a jellyfish.

You can choose between a black and white and a pre-colored version.

Page 1 – black and white starfish

Page 2 – black and white jellyfish

Page 1 – colored starfish

Page 2 – colored jellyfish

Make the game last longer by laminating the worksheets.

Ready to give these cool Sea Animals Cut and Glue Worksheets a go? Just print and have fun with your kids.

You can get a black and white version here – Sea Animals – Cut and Glue Black and White Worksheets

And a full colored version here – Sea Animals – Cut and Glue Color Worksheets

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Free Sea Animals Cut and Glue Worksheets