I Have Who Has Flags Games

Brush up on your geography of the world with these two sets of I Have Who Has Flags Games. How many flags can you name? Do you know where they are? This fun classroom game is the perfect addition or alternative to classical states worksheets.I Have Who Has Flags Game

Printable I Have Who Has Flags Games

This set includes two printable I Have, Who Has Games;

  • easier game with 40 game cards. Only 40 flags to recognise with more well know flags.
  • normal game with 80 game cards. 80 different flags to recognise, with quite a few less known flags.
  • both sets come with answer keys for educators, making it easy to follow the game progress.

Why kids will love this game;

  • easy way to learn different flags while having fun.
  • a group activity.

You can get these games at Teachers Pay Teachers.


How to Play I Have Who Has Games

Educators shuffle and distribute the cards amongst students. Students can receive one or more cards, all cards have to be distributed.

Educators assign a player that goes first or keep one card for themselves and start the game themselves. That player reads the “Who Has” part (example “Who has United States of America?”). Other students check the flags on their cards and the student who has the flag of the United States pictured on their card says “I have United States of America” or “I have the flag of United States of America”. They continue the game by reading the “Who Has” part on their card.

The game continues until the student who started the game reads their card or when the educator stops the game. The more rounds students play the more they will memorise the states.

We suggest you laminate the game cards to make them more durable.

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