Counting to 10 Worksheets – Kindergarten Math Worksheets

If you are done with counting to 10, grab these counting to 10 worksheets and let’s continue counting.

Counting to 10 Worksheets for Kindergarten (Math Worksheets)

Counting to 10 Worksheets – Kindergarten

This printable pack contains 20 unique worksheets

What to expect from this worksheets set;

  • 2 worksheets ask the students to count the objects and circle the correct number.
  • 1 worksheet where students have to count and match the object to the number by drawing a line.
  • 2 worksheets where students have to count and write the number of objects
  • 2 worksheets where students are asked to count the objects in ten frames and circle their answers.
  • 5 where students are asked to color a specific number of objects.
  • 4 worksheets feature ten frames where students are asked to count the shapes within the ten frame and circle their answers.
  • 2 worksheets with numbered lines where students are asked to fill in the missing numbers.
  • 4 worksheets where students are asked to circle the group that has one more or one less than the original group.
  • answer key

You can view the whole set at Teachers Pay Teachers where you can also preview the whole set.

Get Count to 10 Worksheets

Get Count to 10 Worksheets

These worksheets can be laminated for continuous use.

Free Counting to 10 Worksheet

Love freebies? You can snatch one of the worksheets for free.

If your students enjoyed this resource consider purchasing the whole set.

Get Count to 10 Worksheets

Get Count to 10 Worksheets

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Counting to 10 Kinergarten math Worksheets

Counting to 10 Math Kindergarten Worksheets