Letter E Worksheets – Alphabet Series

Hop on to letter E! Grab this set of letter E worksheets as a part of our alphabet worksheets series to share with you.

Free Printable Letter E Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets Series

Letter E Worksheets

You will find 8 worksheets in each of our alphabet series worksheets set.

Do your students recognise beginning sounds? The first worksheet in the students asks them to recognise all the objects that start with the letter E and color them.

First trace some shapes to warm up then move on to tracing the letters. The second worksheet has both upper and lowercase letters to trace.

Third page has a whole lot of letters on it and students need to circle all the E’s.

Next we have a color by letter page, where students have to identify all the E’s and color the spaces to reveal the hidden image.

Find your way from start to finish by following the letters E in the maze letter worksheet.

There are two additional worksheets with tracing letters – one with uppercase and one with lower case E.

Last we have a “Color all the letters E” practice sheet, where students look at the sentences and color all the letters E in them.

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